Friday, June 27, 2008

We carried on regardless

Despite last nights rain, the second performance of 'Arthur's Plough' at Fordhall Farm was a great success. Volunteers (especially Chris, Charles and Helena) spent the day clearing the shed from animal muck to allow the cast and audience a clean space to sit.

Tonights performance should be back in the Farmhouse garden, but if the rain comes once more we will back into Bens shed.

Please dont forget to book your tickets early to guarantee a seat on the night.

For photos of the dress rehearsals follow the link below:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Arthur's Plough - First night Success!

Last night was the first night of Arthur's Plough (our play with music) at Fordhall Farm - and what a success it was! Lots of people turned up with their chairs and enjoyed a night of laughter as they were told the Fordhall story.
The acting was superb, a real pleasure to watch and extremely funny. (The bit with Victoria the pig was my favourite.) The farm cat even decided to make an appearance on the stage at one point, I think she forgot her lines though!
So if you haven't bought your ticket yet - get one quick! Even though it seems to be pouring with rain at the moment, tonight's performance will still go ahead, it just might be moved into the lambing shed (We will move the animals currently sheltering there out, don't worry!)
Please call the office on 01630 638696 if you would like to purchase a ticket or alternatively go online and you can buy one from Ben's online shop.
Don't miss out - See you there!

P.S For those of you that REALLY cannot come, you can buy a DVD of the play, from the office for just £10.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One week to go - Buy your tickets today!

The Fordhall Farm Play 'Arthur's Plough' begins in only 1 weeks time, so there is not long to get your tickets...

Last week, Shrewsbury actors Rosie Coxhead and Matt Saull met Shropshire’s famous farming duo Charlotte and Ben Hollins when they visited Fordhall Farm to research their parts.

Actor Rosie Coxhead, who plays Charlotte, said, “It was a real thrill to meet the woman I am about to play on stage. We talked for ages and I got a real insight into Charlotte’s pioneering personality. By the end of the afternoon even our body language was similar.”

Ben was also delighted to meet actor Matt Saull. “I’d read the play of course, but seeing myself portrayed on stage is a very exciting feeling. The only drawback is that Matt is slightly more handsome than me.”

“Arthur’s Plough 2008” is a new Arts Council-funded musical play for Shropshire complete with performing pigs, dancing microbes and plenty of muck, mirth and magic. A cast of ten actors, complemented by a 40-strong choir, will give a total of 12 performances of the play.

Performances begin on 25th June to 28th, and July 2nd to 5th at Fordhall Farm and then 9th to 12th July at Home Farm, Attingham, Atcham, Shrewsbury.

Tickets at £10 (£7.50) can be purchased from Fordhall Farm shop on 01630 638 696 or by clicking on Ben's Online Shop below.

Click Here: Online Shop

There isn't long left so please buy your tickets soon to avoid disappointment.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Find our Ancient Trees

A recent volunteer to Fordhall Farm was Paul Beevers. Whilst here, he and 'Courier' Dave went searching for Ancient Trees. They found three that would qualify. The trees
measured 4.8 mtrs, 6.05 mtrs and 4.7 metres respectively.

The Ancient Tree Hunt classifies oaks of interest by girth as follows;
* Trees with a girth of more than 4.5m or 3 hugs are potentially
* Trees with girth of more than 5m or 3.5 hugs are valuable in terms
of conservation
* Trees with a girth of more than 6m or 4 hugs are likely to be truly

This means that 1 of the trees is classed as truly ancient - which is rather

Also did you know that oaks support far more species of birds, insects, fungi than
any other native tree by a mile. Insects supported by an oak exceeds 350
species and for example 30 species of lichen. The older the tree the more
species. As there are more holes and breaks as the trees get older then
owls, woodpeckers, bats and many other birds make greater use of the tree.

Perhaps you have some ancient trees near you. Why not try hugging them with your friends and if they are big enough you can log them on the official website below.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chicken Out

At Fordhall Farm we believe that intensive battery hen farming is wrong and cruel. Chcikens are naturally free-range and should be able to peck at the ground, feed on insects and roam in the sunshine.

As a result we are firmly behind Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls 'Chicken Out' campaign.

If you would like to join click on the link below and add your name to the list. As the saving of Fordhall Farm has shown. If enough people make a small stance, amazing mountains can be conquered.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Another great volunteer working weekend!

This weekend even more eager volunteers from around the country came to Fordhall Farm to take part in one of our legendary working weekends. On the sunniest Saturday for ages, volunteers go downright mucky as they helped to clear some ditches at the edge of one of our fields while others helped us paint, re-felt and muck out...amongst many other things!
Then we did it all again on Sunday when the farm took part in Open Farm Sunday! This too was a success with over 100 people coming to walk around the nature trail and tuck into a tasty Fordhall BBQ!If you wish to take part in the next working weekend please call me in the office for more information. 01630 638696. - Hannah

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Guided Walk for Open Farm Sunday

Today is Open Farm Sunday across the country and as part of it Fordhall Farm will be hosting a FREE guided walk. Due to leave at 2pm the walk will tell the Fordhall story and explain the organic farming system that has been run here for decades. It will take approximately 1.5 hours and everyone is welcome.

Alternatively, you can walk the farm trail in your own group, visit the farm animals, bring a picnic, visit the farm shop, play the farm quiz. There may even be a BBQ?!?

Hope to see you between 11am-4pm TODAY.