Friday, November 16, 2007

Giving it some Welly!

Over the last few weeks Ben and I (Charlotte) have been trialling wellingtons for a review in BBC Countryfile Magazine. We each had 7 pairs ranging from the traditional green, to whacky pink, and some even had dogs on! Although I have to say that my wellies were much more whacky than Bens! I never knew wellingtons could be so much fun, or could be so different. Looking at the soles's, how comfy they are, what the lining was, and even how much they weighed.

For an indepth appraisal of all the wellingtons we trialled from Hunters, to Joules, to Aigle, check out BBC Countryfile Magazine over the christmas period.

Our trial period happened to fall over a volunteer weekend, and so a number of volunteers helped me out, whilst they were working in the ditch - and apparently, they dont float!!


Cavan Scott said...

Glad you enjoyed it. The issue your feature appears in is issue four, on sale 8th January 2008 and it's looking great!

All the best,

Cavan Scott
Editor - BBC Countryfile magazine

Anonymous said...

I truely tested those wellies! Sorry I got them so mucky...thanks for the payback of putting the photo of me stuck in a ditch of cow much and mud for thousands to see!
Tessa xx

The Fordhall Team said...

Any time Tessa :-) At least now you know that walking on water can not be achieved by everyone - no matter how hard you try!

And thanks to Cavan at BBC Countryfile Magazine for letting us know when the issue will be out.

I am wearing a blue pair now - and my feet are toasty.


L R O said...

Young farmers do it in wellies!?

Anonymous said...

More wellies for wanging at the next annual meet! - Navy Dave ;-)