Monday, January 21, 2008

Alan Titchmarsh show - watch again

If you were busy at work yesterday afternoon and you missed the Alan Titchmarsh show then here is another chance to watch Farmer Ben Hollins in action - spot the adventurous chicken!

We were all really proud of his first lone TV appearance and we think he did fantastically well. This link will not be available for long, so please dont miss out.

Ben has also put together an 'Alan Titchmarsh' meat box on his online shop based on the selection of meats he took onto the show. See our online shop for more information. Click Here

A big thank you to Alan for inviting us on to the show and for presenting Ben with his 'National Treasure Award'. Alan has also agreed to sign some share certificates to help us with fundraising - a great birthday gift for anyone interested in outdoors.


Elizabeth said...

Dear Ben

Congratulations to all the team and everyone involved on your National
Treasure Award - it is well deserved. Thanks to your newsletter I was
able to video the programme so I could watch it this evening. I am so
pleased for you and hope that the publicity will help your venture
continue to flourish.

Best wishes


Navy Dave said...

Hey you know what? That photo looks familiar! ;-) Fondest memories, all the best Sophie!

'Navy' Dave

Peter and Frances said...

We Live in the Canary Islands and we saw you on the television, we were only
talking about your father a few days before to some friends, telling them about
the magnificent meals, we and out family, had at the farm. We were frequent
visitors and also used to buy my "Sunday roast" beef off Arthur !! I remember
your sister and you mother carrying you, we were invited to your parents
wedding, for which Arthur said he had the cakes soaking in a barrel of brandy
!! I don't doubt he did. Unfortunately we couldn't make the wedding, our loss
!!. After the meal in the wintertime I remember myself and friends roasting
chestnuts on a shovel over the log fire. We do come back to UK now and again,
and I will make a point of calling on my next visit.

for jogging my memory Peter & Frances

Hugh and Jessica said...

Hi all,

We just learned about and enjoyed your feature on Alan Titchmarsh and wanted to let
you know that my Grandparents used to own nearby Church Farm in the 30's. My
mother, Mary (nee) Jones used to know Arthur well and she tells me that they "walked
out together" on occasion. Unfortunatly Church Farm did not fare well in the
depression and regretfully had to be sold.

About us, Mum and Dad are now retired in Shipston on Stour after a career in the
Army travelling the world.
Myself, Hugh and my wife Jessica, after many sailing adventures have put down roots
in southern Spain near the Portugese border and have renovated an old farmhouse. At
present we don't farm the land but have plans for a possible vinyard in the
future.Best wishes for your Project


Hugh and Jessica