Monday, January 14, 2008

Saving Fordhall Farm on Radio 4

If you missed the documentary on 'Saving Fordhall Farm' this morning on Radio 4 then you can click on the link below.

To listen you will first need to install the latest RealNetworksRealPlayer:

We may be biased - but its a great programme, thank you Sara Parker. Please put aside 30 mins to sit down and listen to the story of Fordhall Farm. The farm that YOU saved and for which we will always be grateful.


P.S. Dont forget Ben will be on the Alan Titchmarsh Show Monday 21st January ITV 3pm.


Colin said...

Hello all,
Just a line to say my good lady and myself enjoyed the "radio transmission".
It came over very clear with the Fordhall ethos.

Wendy said...

An excellent programme, I am proud to be associated with it.

Jacob & Freya's Grandad said...

Grandad has recorded this morning's programme and we will listen to it later. He said it was very good! We're looking forward to visiting (as Shareholders) later this year.

carole said...

I also made sure I listened, although I don't know quite how with looking after my daughter's Labrador puppy!

Ruth said...

Congratulations! You must be very pleased with today's programme, which I've just
listened to on the www. Although Jason and I didn't actually have anything
recorded, we were there for the building of the otter holt which Sophie mentioned
and were at the weekend of Alan's birthday, joining in "Happy Birthday" which made
it into the show.

Looking forward to seeing you in March.

Best wishes.

David said...

Having read your Email I took a short break from my desk at work to sit in
the car to listen to the programme on Radio 4 last Monday morning. It was
a very good and interesting programme. As I was born in Yorkshire it was
good to hear your Mum's accent !. What you have done is an impressive
story - I enjoyed hearing all about why and how you and your sister saved
the farm. You all spoke well and made some very powerful points in the
programme. Well done.
David, Gloucestershire

Anonymous said...

Radio 4 interview is fantastic. Emailing the blog link to friends. Just find the whole Initiative wonderful and will get over to help this year, I was a one day wonder over a year ago. See you soon. Best wishes Lindsey x